MUSIC REVIEW: Red Tide Rising’s “The Rising”

It’s such a bad time for rock music. Not because the music is bad, but because there are more people interested in listening a complete piece of crap like “Luv U Papi” (it hurt my fingers to type those words) than listen to rock music. There are a lot of great bands out there that I really like right now, Devour the Day, Kyng, Monster Truck, Mindset Evolution, Three Years Hollow and Red Tide Rising. There are other bands too, but I just pulled these off the top of my head.

Red Tide Rising has an album out called “The Rising.” These guys are just full of rock solid hard rock riffs. Musically you could put these guys up against any and they’d hold their own. Often times songs live and die on the vocal melody, and while that’s still the case here, but music does stand out on its own.

Where Red Tide Rising will be successful is if people dig on Matthew Whiteman’s vocals. He’s a singer, when a lot of other bands might do a little bit more screaming in his shoes. He’s almost got too good of a voice for rock music, but at the same time that’s what makes this band original. I absolutely love the guitar riffs, but it took me awhile to get into Whiteman’s vocals, but after a few listens I’m starting to realize that is where the band stands a part from all the other rock bands out there.

The album is called “The Rising,” it’s available now. Support rock music, it’s important, because if we don’t all the bands we love are just going to tour in Europe where rock and metal are actually appreciated. Don’t stop there, go and see a show if they come to town.

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