MUSIC NEWS: Mike Meyers, Paul Meyers, Ophira Eisenberg, Bill Janovitz debate Stones v. Beatles on WNYC's Soundcheck

Rolling Stones or Beatles? One of classic rock’s greatest debates was tackled last Thursday at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts hosted by WNYC’s Soundcheck.


Team Beatles was comedian Mike Myers and his rock journalist brother Paul Myers. On Team Stones were comedian and host of WNYC and NPR’s Ask Me Another, Ophira Eisenberg and Bill Janovitz, front man of alt-rock band Buffalo Tom.


Mike Myers argued that "The Beatles are a cultural movement. They've affected everything. 'A Hard Day's Night'... has informed everything I've done, including and especially Austin Powers. So for me personally, it's everything."


While Bill Janovitz contended “I wanted a band that would burn down my town.”


To hear the whole debate refereed by Soundcheck’s John Schaefer and see who emerged the winner:

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