MUSIC REVIEW: Three Years Hollows Bust Through the “Cracks”

Too many rock bands today are afraid of where they came from. This is not the case for the up and coming Three Years Hollow on their new album “Cracks.” Three Years Hollow proudly wear their influences on their sleeve. They brought in Clint Lowery of Sevendust to produce the album and he even make a guest appearance on the track “For Life.” If all the great bands from the late 90’s and early 2000’s had a baby it’d be Three Years Hollow. That’s not to say their sound isn't original and modern they've just absorbed all the great music they grew up on and made their own great music with it.

“Cracks” is a great album because it is full of great songs. So many bands over think it and they don’t put the song first. There is a lot of talent in Three Years Hollow. They have a great technical drummer in Chris Cushman, two good guitar players in Neil Kuhlman and Tony Reeves a solid bassist in Dex Digga. Their talent doesn't get in the way of any of the songs on the album. If a song calls for a basic drum beat, Cushman’s not trying to push for a more complex beat that compromises the song. A song like “Chemical Ride” doesn't need a guitar solo, so there isn't a solo on there. Three Years Hollow is separating themselves from the pack with great songs.

I've seen Three Years Hollow several times over the years and “Cracks” is the best thing I’ve heard from them. The first single “Remember” dominated Sirius radio last summer. The new single “Hungry” gets better every time hear it. Jose Urquiza’s vocals on that particular song are on par with someone like Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Stone Sour. Jose is the leader of the band. He’s always had a great tone in his voice, but I think as a vocalist he’s improved ten fold over the last couple of years. He does a great job of mixing his cadence up which helps give each song its own identity.

“Cracks” is a heavy rock album, but metal fans will probably complain about the melody in the vocals. Me, I need melody in my hard rock, so I love it. The album is full of upbeat songs. They don’t really slow it down at all which is going to make them a tough band to play before or follow live, that’s the Clint Lowery influence right there. Three Years Hollow is a melodic hard rock band and they do that as well as anybody if not better. Go buy “Cracks.” I already have a free copy, but on February 11th I’m going to go out and purchase a copy, you should too.

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