Music Review: Defy Tolerance’s ‘Stop the Bleeding.’

Defy Tolerance’s debut effort, “Stop the Bleeding,” combines a nice mix of melody, hard guitar riffs and pounding drum beats. The result is a good debut for a rock band in an era where rock music desperately needs help.

There are some viable candidates that rule the rock genre like Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch but for the most part, the upper echelon of rock acts are lumped together in the Godsmack and Three Days Grace sound.

This sound is where Defy Tolerance fits in. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it instantly catapults them into a tour that fits their style of music. However, sounding similar to the Godsmacks, Three Days Graces, Seethers, Hinders, Breaking Benjamins, and so forth, it makes it difficult for fans to hear them on the radio and say, “This is definitely Defy Tolerance. Wait? Who is this?”

Without being more passive aggressive, I really like this album. I appreciate the guitar riffs at the right times versus power chords and especially like the Disturbed-like drumming fused by quick and heavy bass drum that complement said guitar riffs.

Freddy Kilo’s vocal range and the band’s live show are a must to stand out in a genre that sounds eerily similar to each other.

Defy Tolerance is:

Freddy Kilo - Lead vocals, guitars
Brian Miller - Guitars, vocals
Donny Rosko - Bass, vocals
Garin Wolfe - Drums, percussion


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