Exclusive Interview: Taylor Momsen Reveals Who She Wants to Meet In Hell (@taylormomsen)

The Pretty Reckless’ sophomore album “Going to Hell” will drop March 18th. The album has already received great reviews (including from this publication) and the hype for the record continues each day. The controversial front woman, Taylor Momsen, recently stopped by to talk about the album, canceling Snocore, and who she wants to meet if SHE went to hell.

Q - Sorry to hear about your laryngitis. How disappointing is it to cancel the Snocore tour?

A - Whenever a musician cancels a show, it literally hurts inside, cause it’s awesome to play live and we love touring.

Q - I love the new album's theme. Where did the story line come from?

A - It’s just me talking about things I see and feel. It’s been a crazy few years so it gets interesting.

Q - This album seems a little harder and edgier. Was this done on purpose?

A - We actually made this more with the idea of simplicity, and when you take out all that production, you turn up the guitars and you have raw and honest songs

Q - Each song seems to tell a story. It reminds me of Queensryche's "Operation Mindcrime." Is there a deeper message with these new songs than what the lyrics project?

A - I think the lyrics project it if you spend time with it.  The whole story is right there from start to finish, but we decided not to put a story to it because in the end, they’re just songs and I want people to take away from them what they will make their own stories with them and from them.

Q - Describe your writing process.

A - Grueling, arduous, suffering and then 40 seconds of bliss when we realize we’ve got something we will still want to play years later.

Q - "Light Me Up" had a strong chart debut for the band. Does this go through your mind as the new album is set to be released?

A - Not really, no. No one would be upset if we debuted at #1, but the beauty of modern technology is that these songs will live on in some form for eternity. I believe that over time, people will listen if it’s worth it.

Q - Fans have seen you grow up since leaving the show "Gossip Girl." You're now a legitimate front woman. How does it feel to be in the same company of Amy Lee, Lzzy Hale and Shirley Manson.

A - I’ll tell you if I ever feel that way. :)

Q - Since the new album is called "Going To Hell," which celebrity would you like to meet if YOU were to go to hell?

A - I really hope Bon Scott would be there or else I'd be really disappointed

Q - How do you think The Pretty Reckless have evolved from when the band first came out?

A - Well, we got better as a band and our sound has evolved quite a bit. We are tighter than we’ve ever been and can’t wait to play the new songs for the world.


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