COMEDY NEWS: @BrockWilbur CRIME TRAVEL now available on YouTube

After spending his formative years as a 6-foot-7 nerd who couldn't be
bullied, it was only fitting that Brock Wilbur record "Crime Travel,"
his sophomore album, in an illegal venue in the basement of one of the
last indie video rental stores in the country.

Recorded on VHS and Betamax tapes, including discarded tapes from the
show's venue, "Crime Travel" is available now on Brock's YouTube
channel (
The visual component was directed by San Francisco native and
experimental video artist Patrick Wilkinson.

"It's an intimate show in terms of both setting and material. I
discuss misadventures in the Los Angeles dating world, the holiday I
created when someone was murdered in my building's garage, and
stealing Mark Zuckerberg's burrito. You know, boring everyday stuff."

Even the end of his grandmother's life - she died the week the album
was recorded - generates laughs as Brock recalls her dementia and her
own sadistic sense of humor.

As high-energy as a punk rock basement show, the album captures the
dynamic in the small space at Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco. The
sold-out performance was selected "Show Of The Night" by several of
the area's event blogs.

The 70-minute album is available through iTunes, Amazon, and as a
pay-what-you-want download through Since its original
audio release last year, it has been picked up for further
distribution by Rooftop Comedy.

"Crime Travel marks a giant leap forward from my first release, '28
Years Later.' Where I was previously discussing very personal topics,
I've settled into a more relatable darkness, and I think audience
response proves that I've found my voice."

Brock releases a new album each year, then immediately retires all of
the material, following in the footsteps of his heroes.

"Part of my development is killing my darlings on a deadline. I'd be
bored to death if I was still retelling a story four years out. I
attribute my advancement as a comedian to that process, just as I've
already used what I learned from 'Crime Travel' to improve my material
for 2014. It's a work ethic that rewards me as a performer just as it
rewards my audience."

Since his first album, released in 2012, Brock has been performing on
the road and in various comedy shows around Los Angeles and producing
Tell & Show - a monthly secret lineup event - and his podcast Brock
Party (available through iTunes).

Brock stars in the just released feature film "Your Friends Close"
about video games and terrible people, and co-wrote the screenplay of
the Nudist comedy "Act Naturally," which won several awards including
"Best Narrative" and "Audience Award" at the United Film Festival.

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