MUSIC NEWS: NME Debuts "Dead Eye" from Middle Class Rut.

Middle Class Rut has teamed with NME for the worldwide premiere of their new video, "Dead Eye," viewable at The companion piece to the band's new single was shot guerrilla-style in Anchorage, Alaska, with director Lance Drake, who helmed the group's "Aunt Betty" video (released earlier this year), as well as the video for 2009's smash hit "New Low." "Roughing it" took on new meaning for vocalist/guitarist Zack Lopez, vocalist/drummer Sean Stockham and Drake, as they were forced to work through freezing rain and howling winds, while surviving barreling locomotives and various run-ins with the local authorities.


"When it comes to videos, we don't really look at treatments," says Stockham.  "Our very good friend and director extraordinaire, Lance Drake, just says one word, and it's all we need to hear. This time, that word was 'Alaska.'


"We're big on vibe and relying on imagery that supports the emotion of the song to define the video. The 'concept' for this one is that we're traveling across Alaska, maybe between shows, maybe between jobs, doesn't really matter.  That's about as specific as we got with Lance in the conversations leading up to the shoot.  He spent a couple of days in and around Anchorage before we showed up, scouting various locations and trying to come up with a road map for the shoot.  But the plan was loose."


"The biggest challenge with this video was trying to fit everything into 4 ½ minutes.  We just couldn't get away from the amazing beauty and the 360 degrees of humbling awesomeness all around us.  It went on forever and I felt lucky to have taken it all on."


Yesterday the band launched a UK tour in support of new album, PICK UP YOUR HEAD, which was mixed by Grammy winning producer Dave Sardy (Johnny Cash, LCD Soundsystem, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds) and drawing rave reviews: Alternative Press gave the album 4 ½ stars. USA Today named lead single "Aunt Betty" "Song of the Week," MTV Buzzworthy premiered "No More," praising its "levee-breaking drums and electric guitars the size of the Hoover Dam" and in an Uproar preview, and the Village Voice highlighted them as one of the bands to catch. 

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