BLU RAY REVIEW – Hugh Laurie "Live on the Queen Mary"

I was a big fan of the TV show "House." One of my favorite things about that show aside from Hugh Laurie was the music. When Laurie hosted Saturday Night Live he brought his musical side to that as well. So when I found out the Hugh Laurie was pursing a musical side project I was far from surprised. In fact I was half way interested in it based on how much I loved the music on "House."

 The band is Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Blues Band and the album is called "Live on the Queen Mary." What I love about this performance is that he uses his celebrity to get you to watch, but after a funny intro he takes a step back and becomes a part of the band. Mr. Laurie is a great musician for an actor. I’d hold him higher than a lot of actor/musicians, but the band that he has assembled is flat out astonishing.

Laurie is not trying to have a hit single and play arenas, his primary concern is the music he loves. He sings and plays piano, but he’s not the only singer. While I enjoy his voice I particularly liked the songs when he wasn’t singing (I really enjoyed "Kiss of Fire" sung by Gaby Moreno and "I Hate a Man Like You" by Jean McClain). The performance is 84 minutes long and includes a 20 minute interview with Hugh Laurie where he comes off very humble and likable.

My absolute favorite part about this is that I get to be turned onto different music and different musicians. If he was trying to make a hit record or something this would be less of an enjoyable experience. Because he plays the music that he loves with musicians he loves playing with the viewing experience was very enjoyable. Open your mind and get turned onto some old fashion yet very musical blues.

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