Stereo Jane Premiere "Sing It" @SydneyTSchmier @Emilia_Schmier

The word "Motown" recalls a different age in the recording industry's musical history, but that's ready to change as Motor City's musical culture is well on its way to revival.

There's no better example of a comeback for the Detroit area than the energetic talent and soul of twin Detroit natives Sydney and Mia Schmier of the pop-rock band Stereo Jane.

The band has partnered with Detroit-based Exxodus Pictures and together they are releasing the single and music video for "Sing It."  Look for Stereo Jane's debut album to be released in the coming year.

The Single:

The Video Link:

The Website:

The Band:

The lead vocalist - Sydney Taylor (16 year old twin)
Lead guitar - Joey Gaydos Jr.
Keyboard - Andrew Schachinger
Drums (Sydneys twin)  - Emilia Schmier
Bass- Randy Martin

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