Rich Guzzi Will Hypnotize 100,000 People to Quit Smoking on ³Start Joking! Stop Smoking!² Tour Beginning with Annual ³Great American Smoke-Out!²

Certified hypnotherapist and comedian Rich Guzzi will target 100,000 people to cure their smoking addiction beginning on ³Great American Smoke-Out² day, November 21 and continuing through his twelve month ³Start Joking! Stop Smoking!² tour. Guzzi, who has been described as a combination of Tony Robbins and Tony Soprano, hopes to delve into the minds of 100,000 people using hypnosis, the power of the internet and his live comedy shows ­ never straying far from his unique style of stage humor.


The mission of ³Start Joking! Stop Smoking!² stems from a painful experience for Guzzi ­ this year marks the 30th Anniversary of his father¹s tragic death. While en-route to the hospital, his father passed away due to smoking related heart disease leaving Rich to complete the painful journey with his departed dad at his side.


Guzzi believes that between his live comedy shows and the internet, he can utilize his hypnosis skills to permanently affect 100,000 Americans, over 365 days, to kick the habit and better their lives. Guzzi says, ³It¹s a chance to honor my father¹s legacy and help others be responsible for their actions thru hypnotic direction.²


Guzzi has decided to put his talents, the internet and his live stage shows to the ultimate test and unite a vast network of people who say ³NO!² to tobacco. This, while pulling off the delicate balancing act of getting people to laugh while showcasing the benefits of using hypnosis.


A native of Long Island, New York and recently featured on Access Hollywood, Rich Guzzi, 50, has performed over 5,000 live shows during the past 15 years bringing his brash swagger and East Coast sensibilities to audiences across America.


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