MUSIC NEWS: Sergio George's Trio of Wins at the Latin Grammys.

On Thursday, November 21st at the 14th Annual Latin Grammy(R) Awards in Las Vegas, Sergio George took home a trio of awards for Producer of the Year, Producer of Marc Anthony's Record of the Year "Vivir Mi Vida" and Best Salsa Album for "Sergio George Presents Salsa Giants."

"I am humbled by the recognition I received at the Latin Grammys this year," said Sergio George. "I want to thank all the great artists who contributed to the Salsa Giants project. Their incredible talent and dedication to salsa music has brought attention back to this amazing genre. Seeing the audience on their feet cheering as we closed the show with the Salsa Giants performance is something I will never forget."

Last summer, over 12,000 music fans gathered at the "Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival" to witness a once in a lifetime concert experience as a select group of renowned salsa musicians came together for a historical one night event. On June 25th, that experience was immortalized forever as "Salsa Giants" CD/DVD was released under the production of musical director and producer Sergio George through Top Stop Music. Following months of dominating the Billboard Tropical Music Chart, this week the album was certified Platinum in Mexico and certified Gold in Colombia, Venezuela,the United States and Peru. Click here to purchase the album:

The Salsa Giants concert begins with a brief piano introduction from George before a series of Salsa legends representing numerous cultures took the stage. Performances included Marc Anthony, Oscar D'León, Cheo Feliciano, Luis Enrique, Andy Montanez, Willy Chirino, Jose Alberto "El Canario", Tito Nieves, Nora from the "Orquesta de la Luz" and Charlie Zaa. Hits included "Fabricando Fantasías", "De Mí Enamórate",  "Discúlpeme Senora", "Lo Que Está Pa' Ti", "Rebelión", "Yo No Se
Manana", "Un Verano En Nueva York", "Llorarás" and "Tu Amor Me Hace Bien". The album also features an original song featuring all of the Salsa Giants entitled "Para Celebrar." Listen here: A documentary on the show will be released on January 28, 2014.

"It felt like a graduation celebration... I said to myself, 'Wow, I'm here with the best,'" said Marc Anthony. And De León added: "I have to applaud and support this action taken by Sergio George."

Executive produced by Gregory Elías, Sergio George and Pablo Croce, the "Salsa Giants" documentary, narrated by John Leguizamo, debuted this past spring at the Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam and will continue to play at festivals throughout the year. A preview of the exciting new film can be viewed here:
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