MORGOTH digitally releases 'Cursed', 'Odium', 'Feel Sorry For The Fanatic', 'Resurrection Absurd / The Eternal Fall' for the first time in North America


Germany's most notorious death metal outfit, MORGOTH, has finally released their catalog digitally for fans in North America! In addition to the now classic Cursed, Odium, and Feel Sorry For The Fanatic, the band's two legendary EPs, Resurrection Absurd and The Eternal Fall, are also available as one album bundle. See below for the complete track-listings and purchase details for each MORGOTH title!


Resurrection Absurd (1989) / The Eternal Fall (1990) track-listing:

1. Dictated Deliverance

2. The Travel

3. The Afterthought

4. Selected Killing

5. Lies Of Distrust

6. Burnt Identity

7. Female Infanticide

8. White Gallery

9. Pits Of Utumno

10. Eternal Sanctity

Available on iTunes:



Cursed (1991) track-listing:

1. Cursed

2. Body Count

3. Exit To Temptation

4. Unreal Imagination

5. Isolated

6. Sold Baptism

7. Suffer Life

8. Opportunity Is Gone

9. Darkness"

Available on iTunes:

Official video for "Sold Baptism":


Odium (1993) track-listing:

1. Resistance

2. The Art of Sinking

3. Submission

4. Under the Surface

5. Drowning Sun

6. War Inside

7. Golden Age

8. Odium

Available on iTunes:

Official video for "Under the Surface":


Feel Sorry For The Fanatic (1996) track-listing:

1. This Fantastic Decade

2. Last Laugh

3. Cash...

4. ... And Its Amazing Consequences

5. Curiosity

6. Forgotten Days

7. Souls On A Pleasuretrip

8. Graceland

9. Watch The Fortune Wheel

10. A New Start

Available on iTunes:

Official video for "Last Laugh":


MORGOTH live 2013:

12.13.2013 - Eindhoven (The Netherlands) - Eindhoven Metal Meeting / /
12.14.2013 - Geiselwind (Germany) - Christmas Metal Festival / /


MORGOTH line-up 2013:

Marc Grewe - Vocals
Harry Busse - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Sebastian Swart - Rhythm Guitars
Sotirios Kelekidis - Bass
Marc Reign - Drums


MORGOTH online:

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