Exclusive Interview: Brian Posehn Talks ‘The Fartist,’ Comic Books, and Metal Music.

Brian Posehn has gone from being the guy who is in a bunch of sitcoms to being the “guy who does a bunch of stuff.” Posehn started his career in stand-up comedy but has since evolved into a multi-talented entertainer who has enjoyed a steady career in comic books, movies and television. The comedian recently checked in to talk about his new comedy special, his comic book obsession and his devotion to metal music.

Q – You’ve got a very distinct look. Do more people recognize you for your look than your name?

A – I don’t know. It’s pretty equal now with being on Conan as a comic. The way they re-air stuff on Comedy Central I feel like people know me, and Comedians of Comedy, way more than five years ago.

It used to be I was more recognized on the streets for sitcom stuff but I’ve been around so long now I’m just like that guy who does a bunch of stuff.

Q – You’ve appeared in many film and television projects but you’re actually a great stand-up comedian and have been doing this for a while now. You’re heading out to Peoria, IL this weekend to do some shows. In your last comedy special, “The Fartist,” you reference a strip club in Peoria as being the worst one you’ve been to. Do you plan on going back?

A – Oh my God, I forgot about that…. No, I don’t actually go to those clubs anymore.

Q – Supposedly they’re under new ownership.

A – Yeah, I haven’t been to one of those in years. That one was terrifying back in the day.

Q – “The Fartist” touches on subjects like strippers, smoking weed which you don’t anymore and farting. I’m 38-years-old and fart jokes still make me laugh. Do you think that fart jokes will ever not be funny?

A – I don’t get the people who don’t think they’re funny because to me they will always be funny. It’s really funny because I have a little kid now and he and I totally bond over that. There’s gonna be moment when he’s in high-school and he’s acting super serious and he’ll be like, ‘Daddy, that’s not funny anymore.’ But he probably won’t call me daddy when he’s 16.

Q – You’re widely known for being a metal head. You talk about bands like Slayer and Anthrax a lot. Have you found any new metal bands with the same caliber as some of the oldies? Are there ones you like listening to?

A – Oh yeah. I’m totally into all genres of metal. I check them all out. Recently, I like some of the Swedish stuff where it’s more retro like Graveyard and Witchcraft. I’m really into both of those bands. I love almost all metal and I stay on top of it. I like bands where they’re singing clean; I’m so sick of the Cookie Monster thing. 

Q – You’re also a self-described comic book nerd and have been involved with franchises like Deadpool. Are you a fan of comic book movie adaptations like “Iron Man,” “Thor,” and so forth?

A – Yeah. I mean the ones they’ve gotten right. I dug the new ‘Thor’ movie.

Q – I’m a Superman guy and I fucking hated “Man of Steel.” Did you like the new Superman movie?

A – I loved the set-up, the first hour maybe. I thought there were some great performances – Diane Lane as his mom. I loved the cast and his dad on the planet… I loved all the set-up even though we know that origin backward and forward, and then I feel like it just fell apart in the third act. I like action and big screen, huge explosive summer movie violence, it just kind of, I don’t know, I felt numb by the end of it.

Q – Are you looking forward to the new “Star Wars” in December 2015?

A – Nope. Next question.

Q – Well, I know how you feel about “Star Wars.” What do you think the biggest disappointment in the world of comics has been?

A – Hmm. Biggest disappointment? Still, the prequels for me are the most I’ve ever been disappointed in anything.

Q – What is the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done?

A – It’s less nerdy and probably more OCD (laughs) but I read my comic books alphabetically. Some of my friends give me grief for that. I’ll buy the books and usually they’re alphabetic before they even make it to the car. When I come home I’ll put them in a stack because I’m usually a couple weeks behind on everything and then I’ll restack them alphabetically with the books from the previous couple of weeks.

Q – You’ve done a lot of acting and writing in the business. Which medium do you like doing the most?

A – This is such a bad answer, but all of them. I would not want to choose. Stand-up I’ve been doing the longest and I still love writing a bit, and improvising a bit on stage when I’m loose, but I get a lot from writing and acting too. And I’m having a blast writing comic books.


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