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My public relations contact for bands like Rival Sons and Aerosmith came to me and said, ‘if you like Rival Sons then you’re going to love Jared James Nichols and if you don’t I’m going to walk out on my job right now.’ As much as I’d like to call his bluff I actually really love Jared James Nichol’s EP. I got the chance to interview him and here it is. 

Bob Zerull (BZ): How would you describe your sound?

Jared James Nichols (JJN): It’s a big melting pot of all the music I love, and then I put my own twist on it and make it mine. My two favorite words are BLUES-POWER. I love putting my heart and soul into this music. It’s very raw and honest, taking bits of authentic blues and rock, then delivering it with a bite.

BZ: What's your writing process?

JJN: I approach writing very organically; I'll jam out a riff or idea and see where it goes. Then, I will construct it a little bit in a song form and take it to the band. Writing and performing should always be fun, I try and play thing that really excite me. Songs and solos always come out right when I play from the heart and not over think it.

BZ: Who are some of the musicians that influenced your playing and sound?

JJN: I've always loved blues music, and the guitar in it. My first huge influence would have to be Stevie Ray Vaughan. I then went back to back to guys like Buddy Guy and Otis Rush, all the way to others like Robert Johnson and Son House. I also learned a lot from ‘60s and ‘70s guitarists like Eric Clapton and Robin Trower. But the real launching point for me has to be Stevie Ray and the ‘50s chess guitar players.

BZ: What can fans expect from a live Jared James Nichols show?

JJN: Fans can expect a real, authentic, and "in your face" show. The shows are high energy and exciting. For me, its all about performing live and having crowd interaction. I love to just go for it, and let the music take shape of its own..

BZ: A lot of us pick up our instrument with the hopes of joining a band, I'm assuming you've been in bands, at what point did you decide to go solo or was that the plan all along?

JJN: Its funny in blues, especially the blues/rock genre, most guitarists are also the lead singer of the group. I've always wanted to carry that tradition, play, sing and front my own band. I never had a "master plan" to be solo. It took some time for me to find my voice, and who I was as an artist. It was very organic.

BZ: I'm a big fan of your EP, but the rock music industry is in shambles despite the several talented musicians in the rock world. As an artist how do you prepare for a new release or tour to make enough money to make this worth your while?

JJN: At this point in time, I am just working it to get this music as far as it can reach, online and on the road. Preparation is a crucial factor in all of it, of course we are really pushing to keep track of cities, budgets, and reach for audience. But to be honest, it will always be worth my while as long as I'm playing this music.

BZ: At what age did you start playing and was there a moment in your life that made you want to pick up the guitar?

JJN: The big deciding point for me was when a friend of mine showed me "Stevie Ray Vaughan, Live at Austin City Limits" I was hooked after the first track, the power and intensity he approached the music with was incredible, pure bluespower. I knew exactly where I wanted to go. 

BZ: Is there anything else you wanted to add?

JJN: My new EP "Old Glory & The Wild Revival" is out on Itunes and Amazon, we will be out on the road in support of it's release. For tour dates, videos and info keep up on facebook.com/jaredjamesnichols See you on the road!

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