Exclusive Interview: Christopher Titus Talks ‘Voice In My Head,’ ‘Titus’ Re-boot, and ‘Special Unit.’

Christopher Titus is back on Comedy Central with his new stand-up special, “Voice In My Head.” In the special, the comedian touches on all his fuck ups as a means of self-therapy. He recently called in to talk “Voice In My Head,” his sitcom reboot and the new movie he’s funding called, “Special Unit.”

Q – Your new TV stand-up special “Voice In My Head” just aired on Comedy Central. Real quick, what topic does this special revolve around?

A – Every one of my fuck ups in life. You know those mistakes that either taught you something or changed the course of your life? Every single one of those. The biggest was the $30 million dollar one with the ‘Titus’ sitcom (laughs). Well, that and my divorce. I’m a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen and the special ends with a 30 minute story about Bruce Springsteen. That kind of changed my whole opinion about myself meeting Bruce Springsteen. He’s the boss and whatever he says goes.

The whole thing about ‘Voice In My Head’ is your parents put that voice in your head. They’re screaming at you, ‘You’re a loser,’ ‘You better get on in it,’ so your parents put that stupid voice in your head. That voice in your head, by the way, it screws your life up all the time. I was cursed and blessed with having that voice in my head. If I didn’t have that voice in my head I wouldn’t have done five comedy albums trying to prove that I am good enough, I really am good enough.

Q - What I love about your specials is that they’re never the same. They’re almost like one man shows. How long does it take you to write and develop a new show?

A – It used to be a daunting task. And then 9-11 happened and I wrote ‘Fifth Annual End of the World Tour.’ I just had a kid 16 days before 9-11 and thought, ‘What a great idea for a special.’ Then I didn’t know what was going to happen after that and then boom, my ex-wife was seeing two other guys and so I had the brilliant ‘Love is Evol’ special, which I wrote to stop me from killing myself. The thing about that special is people either loved that special and they quote it saying it saved their lives and they got rid of that bad relationship OR they’ve never been in a bad relationship and their like, ‘You seem really bitter.’ And with those people I always go, ‘Just wait!’

Then I wrote ‘Neverlution’ because the country was starting to fall apart after the financial crisis. It was our fault. We were all bitching at what was going on but we weren’t doing anything. If you notice how the specials go, it’s personal, topical, personal, topical, and this new one is called ‘Angry Pursuit of Happiness’ which is more social about what’s going on with us as people.

Is it hard to do it? It used to be a lot harder. Now what I’ll do is when I’m working on one, my mind will start to fill in what the next idea is. The hard part isn’t writing, it’s getting up on stage with a ream of paper and reading it to an audience that paid full price to see the show.

Q – I heard that there is going to be a “Titus” reboot. What’s the status?

A - I put it out there that I wanted to do 13 episodes. If you watch ‘Voice In My Head’ there’s a story about how I screwed the show up. I was watching it one day and me and Stacy (Keach), and Zach (Ward), and Cynthia (Watros) got together for a photo shoot for Zach, and Zach asked us to come down and we were altogether, and I said, ‘If I can get the show going will you all be down and Stacy Keach goes, ‘Definitely. Right now. Best time of my life.’’ So, I got my agent to talk to Fox and Fox hem and hawed. We’ve been asking for permission so we may just go ahead and ask for forgiveness instead of permission. I think that’s what’s going to happen.

Q – You’ve also got a film project called “Special Unit” (https://fundanything.com/specialunitthemovie). How did this project come together?

A – I wanted to do a really funny movie with some friends of mine – Brad Williams, Michael Aronin, Josh Blue - but the problem is they don’t get a lot of work because they’re so specific like Brad Williams actually owns an elf suit. They don’t cast Brad as the office guy. You’ve got to be a fucking elf, or a leprechaun, or some advisor to a wizard because he’s a little person. That’s kind of bull shit. So I was like what if we made these guys bad ass cops?

I was driving and in my head I thought, ‘What’s the weirdest thing I can come up with and I thought, handicap cops.’ The idea is due to the Fairness and Disabilities Act, the LAPD is forced to hire four handicapped undercover detectives and I’m the a-hole cop. Like imagine Nick Nolte in ’48 Hours’ trying to teach four handicapped people something.


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