Sweden's own country rock act Bourbon Boys has released its new album Hail to the Chief today on Despotz Records. The record can purchased online at:, including several bundle packages with special Bourbon Boys merch like an air freshener, bumper sticker and more.

Hail to the Chief was recorded, mixed and produced by the band's own Jonas Kjellgren at his Black Lounge Studios.

A music video for the first single "Don't Tread on Me" can be streamed on YouTube at:  

1. Hail to the Chief
2. 4X4
3. Remington Magnum Express
4. Son of the North
5. Taxman
6. Don't Tread On Me
7. Broken Badboy Blues
8. Proud to be a Redneck
9. To Hell and Back
10. Wolverine
11. The Viper
12. Dust and Dieselsmoke
13. Keep Driving

Bourbon Boys released its debut album Shotguns, Trucks and Cattle last year along with a music video for the track, "Hillbilly Heart," which has since counted over 200,000 views on YouTube. Check out "Hillbilly Heart" on online at:
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