Album Review – Korn "The Paradigm Shift"

The first time I heard the song "Never Never" I thought, ‘this doesn’t song like Korn.’ What does Korn sound like though? Aside from the debut album and the follow up "Life is Peachy," Korn has not repeated itself. You know you’re relevant when your fans get pissed off about your new album, but go ape shit when you play the songs live. After the second listen I was really into "Never Never." It’s a different sound for Korn but they pull it off and I think it kicks ass. If you’re not into "Never Never" don’t worry as there are plenty of hard rocking songs on the album.

"The Paradigm Shift" saw the return of Brian "Head" Welch to the band. Head and Munky are a great compliment to one another and it continues on "The Paradigm Shift." Ray Luzier has been in the band a while but his contributions are significant. With David SIlveria, the bands original drummer, they were a different band. Luzier is a metal drummer and David is more of a funk drummer. Luzier is probably a more all around drummer and allows for the band to expand its sound which they do on "The Paradigm Shift."

I’m a Korn fan. I’m not the fan that wants to tie my favorite bands down to a specific sound. I want my favorite bands to open my mind. Korn has successfully done this for me and "The Paradigm Shift" is no exception. While I don’t think this album will reach "Follow the Leader" or "Issues" popularity, I do think it holds up with their best albums. The sound on "The Paradigm Shift" is as crisp and tight as Korn has ever sounded. I’m dying to see these songs played live.

The real test for me is even though I get free copies of a lot of these albums, is it good enough that I feel obligated to actually go out and buy a copy. I went out and bought it even though I had a comp copy of it. We the fans are the ones holding rock music down and preventing it from breaking through to the mainstream again. We complain that there is nothing good on the radio, well go out and support rock music and see what happens. There are two albums out today in the rock world, pick them both up (Alter Bridge’s "Fortress" also came out today).

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