Album Review: ‘The Best of (Hed) p.e.’ - Hide the Women, Let the Children Listen, and Kill the Man.

The mercurial boys (Hed) p.e are back with a new mix of old jams with tunes dating from their 2006 album Back 2 Base X and beyond, sprinkling pure hip-hop odes to the lady V to animosity fueled political fits with screeching riffs.

(Hed) p.e (standing for Higher Education Planet Earth) are the pioneers of 'G-Punk,' a rap inspired punk subculture coming out of Huntington, California. Tipping his hat to Rage Against the Machine and Suicidal Tendencies, lead singer Jared Gomes, or MC Underdog, started the band in 1994 with former guitarist Wes Geer. Member switches landing on a comfortable 6 members, they're a genre fluid force to be reckoned with. Although they often perform in juggalo hinted make-up, these guys are really just political stoners with angry minds and open hearts.

This compilation titled The Best of (Hed) p.e released by Suburban Noize has concocted a cultural conglomeration of something groovy and brutally honest. It begins with a wall of thrashy noise metal with tunes like "Truth Rising" and "Renegade" then proceeds to a Strange Music-esque rap diddies with "Put 'Em Up" and "Comeovanite." Amidst the expected and vaguely predictable heavy songs comes "Sophia," a punky-reggae party song.
The album closes with a clever sampling of "What it's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield on "Children" and ends hard and fast with, yes, "It's All Over," where Jared Gomes decides to take vocal cues from A7X.

This playlist is a music nerd's sweet treat. Bringing to mind a harder Sublime and tamer G.G Allin, you may have to pick through the chaos. Even still, there's a (Hed) p.e song for every dissenter no matter what genre you subscribe to.


Guest blogger Chloe Kohl.

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