Album Review – Alter Bridge "Fortress"

You know what pisses me off? There is a new Korn album out today, a new Alter Bridge album and Miley Cyrus. And you know who’s going to sell the most albums? The "artist" with the least talent mentioned above. I love rock music, all kinds, I’m not picky. I really love rock music when there are talented musicians in the band. I think within the rock world Mark Tremonti is one of the best modern day guitarist out there. And Myles Kennedy might be the best front person out there, when John Paul Jones wants you to replace Robert Plant…that means something. Let’s not forget who Slash has singing for him.

I think Alter Bridge gets better with every album. Tremonti has one of the best right hands in the business. His right hand is so impressive that Kennedy has to play some of the solos because the rhythm section is so complicated (at lest that’s my assumption). With every album this band gets more talented and they show it. Sure if you play your instrument everyday you’re bound to get better at your instrument, but when these guys write they write songs that stretch the limits of their talent. Sure there are bands with better players, specifically progressive bands, but what Alter Bridge does is make sure the song comes first and not their playing egos.

"Fortress" is one of my favorite albums of 2013. It’s probably the heaviest Alter Bridge effort yet. I do want to shine a spot light on one particular song and that is the 7 plus minute song "Fortress." Last night I started working out for the first time in months. I was getting near the end of my run and I was about to hit the wall. I was listening to the song "Fortress" and about four minutes into the song they go into this break that would make Metallica and Black Sabbath proud. The break lasts for another three minutes and I couldn’t stop running because the guitar riffs, solos and drum beat wouldn’t let me.

This is the best Alter Bridge album by far and I’m a fan of all of them. Please go buy this album. If you are into rock music I don’t know how you can not like this album. It’s heavy, it’s melodic, there’s good playing and it features one of the best singers out there now. I’ve had the album for a few months now and I went out and bought a copy today…so should you. If I can get drummer Scott Phillips to swing around naked on a giant wrecking ball will you buy the album?

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