Having given fans what they've dreamed about for years - brand new music - the Pixies - Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering, along with touring bassist Kim Shattuck - will make their second appearance as the musical guest on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" this Monday, September 16.  "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" airs on NBC at 11:35PM ET/PT and 10:35PM CT.

The Pixies' "Fallon" appearance is part of the launch of not only the release of brand new material, but the first leg of what will be a 15-month global tour that started with a surprise fan club show last Friday at Echo in Los Angeles, then four sold-out shows this week in L.A., four more sold-out shows in New York next week, the closing night's headline spot at RiotFest in Chicago, and sold-out concerts in London, first at the iTunes Festival and then a special "fan show" at Brixton Electric.

The Los Angeles Times reviewer Randall Roberts, who had some reservations about founding member Kim Deal's departure, found his concerns dispelled at the Echo show, writing, "[Shattuck] was fun to watch, filled the stage with a much needed brightness and certainly knows her Pixies bass lines...she guided the songs with loving devotion and enthusiasm."

For Monday's show at L.A.'s El Rey Theatre, Rolling Stone's Steve Appleford had this to say:  

"The Pixies proved that they have entered a new phase as they delivered four new songs.  The new song to earn the strongest reaction was 'Bagboy'...it was a good sign for the future...fans can be confident that the band is sticking around for the long haul."

With no record company affiliation or pre-release announcements, "Bagboy" was made available as a free download on the band's website at the end of June, and in its first month alone, was streamed or downloaded more than one-million times.  Although available for free, "Bagboy" still sold more than 15,000 digital copies on iTunes, and the track's music video was viewed more than one-million times on YouTube during that same time period.  "EP-1," the first collection of new Pixies music in more than two decades, was released digitally and as a limited-edition, 10-inch vinyl disc on September 3.  The vinyl sold out in less than two days, and the music video for the track "Indie Cindy" is fast closing in on a quarter-million YouTube views.

In his New York Times feature Ben Sisario wrote about "EP-1" - "Plenty of their defining obsessions are still there, like the twangy surf guitar and sic-fi surrealism on 'Andro Queen'...'Another Toe in the Ocean' and 'What Goes Boom' are more straightforward rock, but on 'Indie Cindy' the band uses some of the sudden dynamic shifts that were its most recognizable stature."

The nine combined L.A., N.Y., and London club shows set for this month all sold out in minutes, and nearly all of the shows on the band's extensive European tour that starts September 29 in Paris, are sold out, even with multiple shows having been added in a number of cities.
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