"It is so refreshing to see Monster Truck out there tearing it up...every night.  Gig after gig. It's nice to see that vibe still exists.  It's a lost art.  Real deal. Familiar.  Comfortable.  Like an old pair of gig boots or sweaty pig sex with an ex girlfriend." 
Alice In Chains' Mike Inez
"Monster Truck is one of the few really great down to earth rock n roll bands
I've heard in the last couple of years.  Hard, Soulful & Heavy".  Slash
" classic rock and roll -- huge Les Paul guitar riffs, spaceyorgan fills, thunderous drums, bottom-heavy bass, and one powerful vocalist. The spirit of Stillwater and Grand Funk Railroad lives! I predict these lads will be playing much larger venues very soon."  Huffington Post
New York, NY --- Monster Truck and Dine Alone Records have selected "The Lion" as the follow-up single to their debut hit "Sweet Mountain River."  The video premieres today on and can be viewed here:  Here in the U.S, the track received support from rock stations across the country.  In Canada, the song achieved the milestone of becoming #1 at the Active Rock, and Mainstream Rock, for eight consecutive weeks.  As "The Lion" follows, it hit the ground running as the top added track nationally on release.
Monster Truck took home the 2013 Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of The Year, toured their home country of Canada with Alice In Chains, and established themselves as a major headlining attraction.  In the U.S., the band has been active, appearing with Kid Rock, Slash, Guns 'n Roses, Sevendust, and others, performing for hundreds of thousands of rock fans over the course of this year.  Imminently, the band heads to Europe for a 29-date run supporting Vista Chino (formerly Kyuss).  Upon their return to North America, the band has planned a 13-date coast-to-coast tour of Canada.
Produced by Eric Ratz (Three Days Grace) at Vespa Studios in Toronto and Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC, FURIOSITY showcases Monster Truck's ability to seamlessly integrate influences from grunge and punk era greats that they love so dearly with alt-sounding vintage rock. The resulting album remains anchored in grooves, yet propulsive and volcanic, fueled by front man Jon Harvey's colossal and impressive vocal delivery. The crushing first single "Sweet Mountain River" premiered at in the U.S., while premiered the lyric video which can be viewed here:

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Monster Truck was formed in 2009 by Jon Harvey (bass, lead vocals), Jeremy Widerman (guitar, vocals), Brandon Bliss (organ, vocals) and Steve Kiely (drums, vocals). What began as a side-project to their other more 'serious' bands quickly gained momentum and took on a life of its own.  The band has released 2 EPs since their inception; a self-titled, and notably self-released EP produced by Gus Van Go & Werner F (The Stills, Priestess, Hollerado) and The Brown EP (also produced by Ratz) on Dine Alone Records.
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