Live Review: Jimmy Eat World Brings “Damage” to Indianapolis

The odds of longevity are stacked against indie rock bands and bands that chart their own paths. As a band, Jimmy Eat World is 20 years old and has crushed those odds. In a tour to support their latest full-length album "Damage", Jimmy Eat World appears to be attempting to reconnect with those fans that have been with the band since they popped up on the national radar with the release of "Clarity" in 1999.

Playing only a handful of songs off the recently released "Damage", the set-list was comprised of a good mixture of Jimmy Eat World songs throughout their catalogue. It's safe to say that the band leaned on the aforementioned "Clarity" and the 2001 release "Bleed American" as heavily as they did "Damage" on this tour.

(Photo by Corey Fineran) 

When the band toured the country, and I saw them play in Chicago, in support of the 2010 release "Invented", I couldn't help but notice that the crowd was comprised of fans 10 or 15 years my junior. I don't know if it's the chronological stage that the band is in, or if it's a difference in demographics, but this show in Indianapolis was a distinctly older crowd.

The Indianapolis crowd appeared to be fans that most enjoyed the 1999-2002 era of the band and Jimmy Eat World was eager to deliver. I don't know if the demographics of all of their shows on this tour resemble those of the show in Indianapolis, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were.

For one night, indie rock "kids" that now have to worry about things like mortgages and babysitters were able to relive the years when music seemed so massive and significant.

Tawny Fineran
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