@KEITHURBAN Releases New Album FUSE.

Keith Urban has released his newest album, FUSE. The album features the hit single "Little Bit of Everything" and is his seventh studio album and the follow up to Urban's 2010 album, Get Closer, which contained the Number One Country singles "Without You," "Long Hot Summer," and "You Gonna Fly." FUSE is available for purchase on iTunes.

Urban takes some bold strides, pursuing new sounds and new approaches that will surprise even his most devoted fans. This fearless experimentation is evident just from looking at the album's credits, which reveal a list of acclaimed producers and writers who are new collaborators for Urban, including such diverse hitmakers as Butch Walker, Mike Elizondo, Jay Joyce, and Stargate.

The record is a reflection of his last few years—taking his electrifying, widely-beloved tours to sold-out arenas around the world; performing and recording with a wide range of artists including the Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys, and John Mayer; serving as a judge on American Idol.

"I knew it would take time to build an album in a different way," he says of the nearly two years he spent developing the new sound. "The stars aligned and it was the right time to experiment, have things not work and still be able to try again. I was ready for that journey. I didn't want to think in terms of any limitations on the songs—just honor the song and let them be what they want to be."

Keith Urban says that there's nothing that he would change on FUSE. He embarked on a musical journey with a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish, and he delivers. "I set out to make a different -sounding record," he says, "and in the process found myself in completely unfamiliar, and at times uncomfortable, territory. But it all worked because at the core of everything that we did over the past few years were this group of songs—and I'm so grateful for them."

For more information on Keith Urban and his new album FUSE, be sure to check out Urban's official website.  

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