Album Review: Gemini Syndrome's 'Lux.'

I am torn with the debut album from Gemini Syndrome. Don't get me wrong, "Lux" is a fantastic album. The problem is I have been a fan since the band's first EP. Like most indie bands that get signed to a major label (in this case it's Warner Brothers), much of the EP's songs are on the full length debut. Songs like “Basement,” “Syndrome,” “Take This,” and “Resurrection,” make the cut. However, if you've heard the originals on the EP versus how they appear after they’ve gone through the Warner Brothers system, you'll notice a difference.

"Lux" is very much a commercial rock album. There is great music to be heard but it's evident that studio tweaks appear in some of the songs. The original EP versions are raw tunes that define the Gemini Syndrome that I know. On "Lux" there is harmony added, specifically on “Syndrome,” which affects the original sound that I grew to love.

As for the record itself? “Lux” is one of the better albums to be released this year. It’s the perfect combination of singing and screaming, with the screaming being implemented at the right times courtesy of front man, Aaron Nordstrom. Rich Juzwick adds heavy and tight riffs throughout and the bass and drums complement nicely. Overall, “Lux,” as I mentioned, is fantastic. There isn’t one song that you have to skip.

I still love this album but it's hard to not think about how the original songs appear on the EP. I get it though. A band gets signed to a major label and things change. Congratulations to the band and new fans for being able to discover their music. I only wish Warner decided to put some originals as "extras" on the full length. That way, fans can see how far Gemini Syndrome has not only worked but come.


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