Album Review: The Dead Good’s ‘Thirteen Polaroids’ is Damn Good!

I first listened to this EP at night, after a long day, and wanted to wind down with a Sam Adams Octoberfest beer. At first, I did not care for The Dead Good. I wasn’t sure why because their makeup intrigued me enough to give it a listen.

The band is comprised of Isabella Knight (vocals) and Sonny Lanegan (guitar/vocals), formerly front man of the electronic rock band White Pulp. Their sound is a mix of many genres, including industrial, pop, rock and punk.

So, why didn’t I like it?

Fast forward two days, it’s 100 degrees in the Midwest and the only air conditioned room in my house is the attic. To get away from the heat, I secluded myself and gave The Dead Good another chance and, from this, possibly discovered one of the greatest hidden acts in music.

The wonderful thing about my job is music I would never have come across on the radio somehow find its way on my desk. “Thirteen Polaroids” is a prime example.

The EP starts off with a catchy punk rock song called “Junk Nation.” Instantly, fans can tell how the rest of the album will play. Knight’s vocals really shake up the dynamics of The Dead Good’s sound. Whenever you hear tight, punchy guitar riffs and quick bass drum you expect to hear a British punk rocker with attitude.

Knight exhibits a certain type of class with a hint of assertiveness. She comes across as that calm and cool type front woman. Lanegan’s musicianship can be heard throughout the record. The two complement one another very well. Each song is unique but fits The Dead Good’s composition. I especially love the catchy melodies in songs like “Room 106” and “Saw, Drills and Glue Guns.”

Every song is great on “Thirteen Polaroids.” The band even tackles the song, “I Put A Spell On You,” by  Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, which seems original to the EP. Expect a lot of good things from this band.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He also is the author of the novels, The Extraordinary Life of Shady Gray, Hello Lesbian! and Anonymous. Visit him at Email him at
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