Sonali Impresses with New Single & Video “September.”

Singer-songwriter Sonali is a small town girl with big city dreams of international musical success and with her latest single and video "September," now available on iTunes, she is certainly one step closer. So diverse in style and ability, Sonali shakes things up a little with this single, adding hints of folk instrumentals while keeping her mainstays of fun pop melodies, high energy and infectious hooks. She displays stellar singing and writing chops, as she continues to deliver fresh quality music. Fans of the singer are excited to see what she does next.

Moving to the Big Apple enabled Sonali to uncover new areas of her genre and various styles of writing, which empowered her to blossom and experiment with her own style. "September," produced by Justin Tracy, is evidence of her artistic evolution. "Moving to New York has exposed me to a lot of different musical styles, and with 'September' I was able to draw from my influences and blend this rich diversity into something I loved. It finally feels like me." The new single is an eclectic mix of folky pop-rock, reminiscent of both Mumford & Sons and Colbie Caillat concurrently. Written about finally getting over a bad relationship, the single reveals the singer's versatility and ability to cross over while still keeping her signature sound. Sonali's fall introduction is a pleasant departure from her previous release, Speechless and continues to showcase her strong personality and independence. Directed by Christoph Manuel, the accompanying music video takes on a Sheryl Crow-esque theme with intimate performance shots and a NYC backdrop.

Based in New York City, Sonali is a performer with talents and ambition beyond most her age. As a very-well rounded artist, Sonali is quite savvy on the guitar, keyboard, drums and bass. With her talent and potential, the multi-instrumentalist has still found a way to stay grounded. The singer originally hails from south Florida and got her start in music as a toddler. Before she could even write, Sonali was attempting to write her own lyrics and was humming along to songs before she could sing the words. Her family has always believed in her talent and dreams and has been a huge support in moving her career forward by moving to New York. Aside from being a focused artist, Sonali enjoys studying her art and expanding her musical knowledge. Currently, she is enrolled in New York University's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Program at Tisch School of the Arts where she has the pleasure of learning from prestigious Grammy award-winning professors. Earlier this year, she garnered the attention of international pop star Rihanna after recording a viral video of the world famous single "Diamonds" with her schoolmates at NYU. Sonali and friends won a chance to meet and greet with the singer at one of her concerts where she personally admired and congratulated them on their work.

Between studying and recording, Sonali also finds time to help the less fortunate in whatever way she can. Before her debut EP Speechless was released, she decided to change lives by donating 100% of the proceeds from sales to Smile Train, a charity committed to providing free cleft surgery to poor children in developing countries.  

Making big strides in her career, Sonali has had a significantly positive response from the pop-rock world and has performed all throughout the local music scene. The singer aims to touch audiences far beyond the US with her original music and with a talent and a vision of success like hers, the only way for Sonali is up. Stay connected with Sonali by visiting  
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