Romani Gypsy Songstress Delilah Launches UK Radio Campaign for New Single “Love Life.”

Delivering timeless vocals reminiscent of legendary jazz artists, Delilah sings from her enchanted Gypsy soul, spinning tales and delivering the history of the Roma in the modern world with the release of "Sweeter Life."  Heavy-hitting producers on the album include Vikter Duplaix, Marcus Kane, Rane Parish, Lemoyne Alexander, and Dave Sereny.  Featured artists include the Stevie Wonder rhythm section of Nathan Watts and Stanley Randolph.

A Romani Gypsy songstress born in Budapest, Hungary, Delilah has a knack for combining jazz, pop, and dance beats to create songs with her own enchanted sound.  Delilah inherited her gift of music from her parents, who immersed her in performing from an early age. By the age of 10, she was singing and dancing with her family in a 20-member touring ensemble with one of Hungary's noted Roma performers, Bongo Margit, throughout Europe. By the time she was 16, she and her older brother Paul Lakatos, a guitar virtuoso, were performing with violinist Sonny Walker, another Roma legend, who jammed regularly with her father and family at impromptu gatherings in her home.  Due to racial tension in Hungaryin 1998, the talented young singer had to flee her home country and now lives in Toronto, Canada.

On ReverbNation, Delilah was recently ranked #6 in her genre nationally and #165 globally.  Out of over 2 million registered artists she ranks in the top 10,000 across all genres globally; and locally for her genre, she consistently remains ranked in the Top 10, often ranking at #1.    

On Facebook, Delilah stays engaged with fans from all over the world by sharing her artwork, photos, songs, and radiant positivity.  She remains grateful for all the support she has received since becoming active on social media sites, such as fan comments like this: "You have a unique music style that is uplifting and your voice is bright and captivating. You are a beauty too. I wish you all the best blessings."

The UK's Rush Release Promotions (previous acts promoted include Beyonce, Usher, Rihanna, Sade, etc.) has launched a UK Radio Campaign for Delilah.  Her single "Love Life" from the album "Sweeter Life" has already received a great response in the UK, and has been played across New Music Shows and Regional Radio.  Soon, UK fans will not only be hearing Delilah on the radio, but will get the chance to see her perform live, as plans are in the works for her UK Tour in the Spring of 2014. 

To learn more about Delilah, visit her website at  To listen to, download, or order the album "Sweeter Life," visit iTunes or Amazon.  You can connect with Delilah on Facebook and ReverbNation.
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