R&B/Pop Singer Bobby DeBarge Jr. Speaks to the Ladies on Debut EP Stuck in Love.

Hearts will melt across America as they get a taste of R&B/pop artist Bobby DeBarge Jr.'s music. The polished singer-songwriter happens to be the son of late 70's R&B superstar and legendary game-changer, Bobby DeBarge. Following in his father's footsteps, DeBarge Jr. recently released his debut EP Stuck in Love - a four-track crowd-pleaser that infuses soulful R&B melodies with fun pop beats and catchy hooks. Each track on this summertime sizzler is as hypnotic as the next. As more and more people wise up to the art form of DeBarge, he is determined to show the world that the DeBarge legacy still lives on.

Excitement surrounds the new release from the smooth performer but DeBarge sees no competition and only looks to compete with himself. Working on his craft since he could talk, DeBarge's silky tone, impeccable range and heartfelt writing skills are beyond impressive on this EP. The ladies man pulls out all the stops on the opening song "I'll Be the One"- a smooth and flirty R&B rocker, coupled with an appealing pop flavor. DeBarge is a vocal one-man show on the track, laying down all his pitch-perfect harmonies. Following behind, is "Hell of a Night" where DeBarge pens humorous lyrics to detail a realistic party night in the Entertainment Capitol. His next hit "Break Yo Neck" is propulsive and electric with a dance beat in the vein of Ne-Yo or Chris Brown. Inspired by old school pop and jazz, "Insane" ends the mix with a toe-tapping beat and thrilling trumpets while DeBarge stirs things up with his sexy falsetto. Striving for the best quality of sound, DeBarge reached out to Deon Evans aka Big D, for production on Stuck in Love. The singer has also released a smitten music video for the single "I'll Be the One" which was shot in beautiful Los Angeles and Santa Monica and was directed by Sean Alexander.

"I want to help people feel music again in a way that it should be felt not just heard," DeBarge says.

Coming from a family of musical geniuses, DeBarge was born in Grand Rapids, MI and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Even before he could utter his first words, he knew the stage would be home. His father Bobby DeBarge exploded on the Billboard charts and led his group Switch to superstar status, which has inspired DeBarge to strive for all around perfection. At age seven, he recorded his first song, and ultimately embarked on a California tour, with his then group The Magnificent Seven, at the tender age of 14 years old. On tour, he opened up for major acts such as Aaron Carter, Lil' Romeo, and The Cheetah Girls along with various other Disney sponsored groups. With stars in his eyes, DeBarge did everything he could to perform. Besides training his voice regularly in choir, he would beg his mother to obtain a permit to put on a show for the public at local beaches and would ask his teachers is he could perform in class. All his pushing paid off when his group Magnificent Seven became sponsored by Virb and received an award for Best Performance Group from The Clear Channel. In Bobby's teen years, he joined a boy band called Maddhouse and began co-writing songs for the album along with recording and creating vocal arrangements with D-K Productions. After being signed to indie record label Mainstream Music, the crooner's first solo release was "One and Only". Willing to continue making his own path with his voice Bobby DeBarge Jr.'s latest EP Stuck in Love is some of his best work to date.

With a head-knocking EP and a fresh new style, DeBarge seems to have the music game locked. Don't miss out! Visit www.BobbyDebargeJr.com and be sure to download his album on iTunes and view his video on YouTube!
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