One of Performing Songwriter's 100 Most Influential Independent Artists, Sara Hickman will release the music video for "Selfish Freak," exclusively at Mmusicmag.com at 12pm CST today. "Selfish Freak" is the latest single from her Kirtland Records debut album Shine available now.

"Selfish Freak" is a funny look at the person you just want to go away—the one who talks about themselves a bit too much. Hickman's visions for the video were brought to life through the direction of Robert Greeson, and the vivid animated drawings throughout the story line by artist Ann Huey. Hickman portrays the lead acting role opposite the "Selfish Freak," and delivers a commanding performance. To further support the video release, Sara has provided some great ways to avoid an encounter with the "Selfish Freak" in your life.

5 Ways to Escape An Encounter With Your Own "Selfish Freak"

Have a "selfish freak" in your life? Here at secret headquarters, we want you to know about Sara Hickman's new video, "Selfish Freak". Lampooning people we encounter who just can't stop their yackety-yak attacks, Sara recommends these five tips to help you escape if you are suffering from "selfish freak" exhaustion.

1. Run Away

Look quickly down at your phone. Exclaim very loudly, "OH, MY GOD! MY HUSBAND'S IN LABOR!!! GOTTA GO!!!" Before the Selfish Freak can quote, "Wait! Men can't have…" run to your car IMMEDIATELY and drive away. DO NOT LOOK BACK. Eye contact is extremely dangerous at this moment. Selfish Freaks tend to see eye contact as a sign to continue their conversation at you. They have been known to jump in their car, simultaneously, and follow you from New Mexico to Mars. LOOK AWAY and watch the road.

2. "Toxic Puppy Rash" Ruse

Interrupt the one-sided conversation with news of the very serious, highly infectious skin disease you just contracted from your brother's new puppies. You must go. It is incurable. The doctor told you today was your last day and you need to go pick out your headstone---alone. As you skedaddle away on your bike, DO NOT LOOK BACK. If you are being followed, head to the nearest therapist's office, enter the building and wait until the Selfish Freak leaves. Selfish Freaks are highly allergic to therapy.

3. Change Jobs

If the Selfish Freak in your life happens to work at the same location, consider becoming a therapist.

4. Sign Your Friend Up Online With A Selfish Freak Mating Service

Perhaps your Selfish Freak needs to mate with another Selfish Freak. The Selfish Freak
Mating Service is a perfect opportunity to help alleviate the SF genome. It's been scientifically proven that two Selfish Freaks who fall in love can not procreate. There is the added bonus that the Selfish Freak Mating Service is ONLY located in Siberia and offers free travel, room and daily meals. (Alcohol and tax not included, but isn't it WORTH IT???????)

5. Indulge In Your Imagination

Like Sara, you can also write a song, a poem, create a painting, crochet---whatever you need to relieve yourself of the stress, the nightmares, the desire to scream. Stay at home. Keep the curtains closed. Get out the crayons and color those walls! Eventually, the Selfish Freak will move on to another opportunity---and you'll have a house full of your amazing creations and songs. Then you can throw a party, invite over your closest friends, and ask them how they've been the last 20 years.

We hope these tips will help you. Let us know if you have some to add!

Upcoming tour dates include several performances in her home state of Texas including multiple locations in Austin and Poor David's Pub in Dallas. For more information, please visit http://sarahickman.com/.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

8/16/2013 Poor David's Pub Dallas, TX
8/23/2013 Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Galveston, TX
9/6/2013 McDavid Studio Ft. Worth, TX
9/13/2013 Schreiner Mansion Kerrville, TX
9/21/2013 Kessler Theater Dallas, TX
9/22/2013 Art of Peace Festival Tyler, TX
9/23/2013 Saxon Pub with Bob Schneider Austin, TX
9/29/2013 Anderson Fair Houston, TX
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