Live Review - Halestorm, Three Years Hollow & Reiman’s Harley Davidson Support St. Jude in Kewanee Illinois

They say when you’re in Chicago you’re an hour away from everything in Chicago. When you’re in Kewanee you’re actually an hour away from anywhere there’s something to do. That is until July 27th when Halestorm came to…Kewanee IL. I was confused at first too, but then I found out it was for St. Jude’s Hospital put on by Reiman’s Harley Davidson.

The day started at 2pm with the band Short Lived Fun who played from 2 hours. I didn’t show up until 5 when Motor Biscuit took the stage and played for another 2 hours. Both bands were local cover bands in the process of coming up with their own original material. They did a fine job of entertaining those of us that got there early.

At 7:30 Three Years Hollow took the stage. If you haven’t heard of Three Years Hollow, you’re about to. These guys are on the verge of something special. I’ve seen them several times over the years. Back in the early days they were thrown a bone by a local promoter to open up for bands like Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd and Chevelle whenever they came along. They didn’t really belong on the same stage as some of these bands. Over these last two years something changed. This year in particular they’ve been out there almost every night just knocking it out of the park. I’ve gotten to see them three times now and they’ve gotten better with each performance.

They played before Sevendust, Theory of a Dead Man, Lacuna Coil and now Halestorm and they’ve held their own. They belong up there on stage with these bands and I’m excited to see what’s next with these guys. I know they’re working on an album with Clint Lowery of Sevendust, hopefully they get signed soon and we get a chance to hear more from these guys.

Say what you want about the Grammy Award winning Halestorm, I love this band. They’re just a rock band who’s not afraid to play straight up hard rock music. Lzzy Hale is hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous whatever positive word you want to associate with somebody’s appearance she deserves it, but her voice puts the band on a whole other level. My two favorite singers right now are Myles Kennedy and Lzzy Hale. I think if you go back Lzzy Hale will go down as one of the best. She’s Ann Wilson meets James Hetfield.

Lzzy’s God given gift may have been what got the band to noticed, but when they’re on stage, they’re a band. It’s not just the Lzzy Hale show. Her brother Arejay has one of the more entertaining drum solos that I’ve seen. Joe Hottinger and Lzzy play off each other very well and the same goes with Josh Smith. When I found out they were playing in Kewanee I was wondering what the turn out would be. Kewanee is so small that the entire town could have shown up to this show and it wouldn’t be sold out, in fairness it was in a park so they probably could have had 100,000 people there and it wouldn’t have sold out. But fans came from all over the area and it was one of my favorite shows in recent memory. If you get the chance to see Halestorm I recommend taking it, they’re great.

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