New York-based band Hudson Hank release their long-awaited debut album, DayBreak, on Tuesday, September 17, by Laveta Music Group. The album, conceived by songwriter and arranger Sammy Oatts and produced by Coldplay's bassist, Guy Berryman, offers a rich sampling of ambient melody and subtle arrangements.

"When I wrote the record I was coming from a different musical background than most rock bands do," said Oatts. "I wanted to write something texturally that people could understand on many different levels." Watch a short EPK of Oatts and Berryman talking about DayBreak here.

After building a career as a Broadway and orchestral musician, frontman Oatts decided to get back to his rock and roll roots by heading back to the studio to write. In 2009, Oatts pulled resources together and began the lengthy process for what would become Hudson Hank's debut record, DayBreak. Shortly thereafter, he connected with childhood friend and former DIY punk collaborator Dan Muhlenberg on drums. They added old college friend and Broadway musician Simon Kafka on guitar. As the recording progressed, the music was discovered by Guy Berryman, producer/bassist of Coldplay, when Oatts was called in to work on another album Berryman was producing in New York. The two hit it off and Berryman wanted to be part of Hudson Hank's debut album, so he took on the role of producer.

The resulting collaboration took the project from Brooklyn to London, back to New York, and ended with the mastering process at the illustrious Abbey Road. DayBreak combines the multi-platinum recording experience of Guy Berryman with the rich textural context of the band's musical training and expertise. The album contains ten enormous tracks that hearken back to the boys' upbringing in the Hudson Valley and their emerging adulthood in the big city. DayBreak shows traces of influences from 90's British alternative to shoegaze, and early renaissance period to modern classical, all of which blend seamlessly to create a listening experience that leaves you with something new each time through. Click here to pre-order a digital copy of DayBreak via iTunes.

Hudson Hank kick off this long-awaited CD with their album release show at Bowery Ballroom in New York City on Tuesday, August 20, at 8PM. The group has a rotating crew of extra musicians and visual artists that they regularly collaborate with for most performances, which allows for new and fresh textures to the ears and eyes. Some nights you may see them as a rocking five-piece, other nights you may find them accompanied by a small orchestra with stunning visualizations. The band strives to allow the music to grow with each performance and leaves the listener with something new every time.

DayBreak - Track Listing

1. The Cut of Your Gibberish
2. Earthbone
3. Homecoming
4. Breakfast of Fools
5. Faceless Nameless
6. New Year
7. DayBreak
8. Jean Marie
9. Breakfast of Fools, Pt. II
10. Today Is Just Today
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