Daniel Robinson Releases New Music Video for the Single “Sugar.”

Soulful and experimental electro-pop artist, Daniel Robinson, toys with the ageless dilemma between good and evil, in the release of his music video "Sugar" now on YouTube. In June 2013, the Buffalo native and John Lennon Songwriting Contest winner issued his sophomore EP, Guesswork. Guesswork swept Robinson's fans off their feet with the singles, "Sugar" and "Not Your Boy". Bringing the song full circle, the music video for "Sugar" is truly an artist creation that will tug at the heartstrings of fans everywhere.

Named iHeartRadio's Artist to Watch, Daniel Robinson characterizes his music with deep, thought-provoking themes that display his poetic and refined viewpoints towards his art. The combination of painfully earnest lyrics and grungy electronic tones in "Sugar" are the foundation for the idea of the music video. The video uses various abstract metaphors to represent Robinson's battle between light and darkness. This internal struggle in Daniel's life stemmed from a relationship with an ex who forced Daniel to question his choices. With the clear representation of good versus evil, the video reaches out to fans in a way they all can relate. When describing the inspiration of the song to his fans, Daniel says "when you've convinced yourself that love is sleeping in between the teeth of a soulless behemoth, you aren't concerned with losing vital parts of yourself. Addiction to harmful substances and addiction to harmful people instill the same reckless blindness. "Sugar" is about losing that, and seeing things exactly as they are. This song was my moment of clarity". Daniel's ability to put his heart and sincere emotions into his songs has become one of his most complimented abilities. The video directed by Mary Dietrich is another extension of his honesty and talent to create comprehensive, yet abstract art.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Bjork and Crystal Castles, Daniel Robinson has been creating and mastering his craft since he was a young child. Since childhood, Daniel has been honing his skill to convert his sentiments into riveting vocals. This is evident in his newest EP, where Daniel explores darker elements of his songwriting but compliments it with buoyant, spacey, digital melodies that were produced by Mark Zubek. Guesswork reveals a more refined and self-assured artist. Like any great performer, Daniel shows different sides to his personality with his impressively personal and thought-provoking lyrics. Following up his successful EP, Daniel will be releasing an acoustic version of Guesswork in the fall.

Be sure to get a spoonful of "Sugar" with Daniel's new video now on YouTube. Keep up with the refreshing honest electro-pop crooner at www.iamdanielrobinson.com.
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