Album Review – Throw the Fight "What Doesn’t Kill Us"

I get a lot of albums in the mail and in my email and to be honest I don’t listen to a lot of them simply because I don’t have time. I have been hearing some buzz about a band called Throw the Fight from my friends in Three Years Hollow. When I got the latest Throw the Fight album "What Doesn’t Kill Us" in my email earlier this week I was excited. The album has been out for over a year, so my review is a little late and to be honest if I didn’t care for the album I wouldn’t even bother with a review, but their take on modern hard rock music is recognizable while being fresh at the same time.

They sound like a modern rock band, but there is something else that I can’t put my finger on that separates them from every other band. I love the use of the two guitars. At times they are dueling with their riffs, other times they’re just rocking out on a bad ass riff and sometimes they are playing completely different parts.

Vocally I love the fact that this isn’t a metal core band. They easily could have screamed the vocals, but I prefer melody in my rock music (I’ll put the Ann Wilson, Robert Plant, Chris Cornell, Lzzy Hale, Freddie Mercury, Myles Kennedy etc up against any singer in any other genre). Even when there is screaming, it fits the melody it’s not just screaming for the sake of screaming. God I sound like an old man, ‘I don’t like that screaming noise,’ look I like screaming, when it’s in key, ie Mudvayne, Pantera, etc.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Throw the Fight’s "What Doesn’t Kill Us" and you’re into rock music, especially the more modern shit then I think "What Doesn’t Kill Us" is worth checking out. There seems to be a solid core of bands developing that are going to carry the hard rock torch into the next generation, and I think Throw the Fight is one of the bands leading the charge.

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