Album Review – Monster Truck – "Furiosity"

I received the Monster Truck album "Furiosity" months ago. I put the album while I was cleaning my office/studio out. While listening to Monster Truck (in the background, not even giving it my full attention) I had written them off as just another blues based rock band (my favorite style of rock music mind you). I never went back and gave it a shot.

Then one day I went to a movie (the movie escapes me right now) and I was there very early, before the trailers. An advertisement for the band Monster Truck came up and they played "Sweet Mountain River" and I found myself going this is pretty bad ass. Shortly there after I saw Slash vouching for these guys and I thought who the fuck am I to say these guys are just another rock band? So I put the album back in and actually listened to the album, didn’t clean, didn’t do anything else but listen to pure kick ass rock n roll in the form of Monster Truck. Now Monster Truck’s "Furiosity" is one of my favorite albums of 2013.

In the movie "Almost Famous" Lester Bangs says that the Doors are drunken buffoons posing as poets which The Guess Who has the courage to be drunken buffoons which makes them poetic. What is so awesome about Monster Truck is that they have the courage to just be a rock band. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel which in turn makes them an original rock band. Their sound is a combination of that Hard Rock Black Sabbath AC/DC sound with the southern bluesier rock of Mountain, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top. It’s heavy, it’s sexy, it’s fucking hard rock n roll at its best.

I love this album so much it pisses me off that I missed it on my first time through. With every single listen I like the album a little bit more. My two favorite new bands are Rival Sons and Taddy Porter. Now you can throw Monster Truck into the mix. I’m still pissed off, who do I think I am to write this off? I’m a freaking online troll, that’s what I am, Ugh. Please at least one person pick up this album after reading this review, pick me up as I missed the boat on this one.

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