VATTNET VISKAR set to release Sky Swallower on September 3, 2013.

Something wicked this way comes, wending its way through damp back alleyways and down leafy New England back roads, whispering through still water and dark fog. The clarion call for the next great wave of American black metal has sounded, and Vattnet Viskar is leading the charge. They've once again followed the open road ahead, and returned bearing their most important work yet.  

With the autumn equinox not far off, Vattnet Viskar has completed work on Sky Swallower, their debut full-length album.  Recorded at Universal Noise Storage under the watchful eye of producer Brett Boland, Sky Swallower features eight songs of masterfully executed atmospheric black metal devotion.  


Sky Swallower

1. New Alchemy
2. Fog of Apathy
3. Monarch
4. Breath of the Almighty
5. Ascend
6. Mythos
7. As I Stared Into the Sky
8. Apex
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