Just ahead of its release, Minneapolis producer and songwriter Sombear has premiered a stream of his debut album Love You In The Dark via Cosequence of Sound. Out tomorrow July 23rd on Trans- Records, Love You In The Dark is brimming with smart electronic pop songs and lyrics saturated with bitter-sweet nostalgia that tap into what Stereogum describes as "John-Hughes-ephemera."

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"[Sombear's] tracks delve into the intricacies of his thoughts, feelings, and personality, all bolstered by some key '90s-pop influences."- Interview Magazine

"Amid the pulsating drum machines and barrage of airy effects, he readily separates himself from the pack with just a few simple flourishes. His heavily-vocodered singing is as emotionally cold and distant as it is joyous and playful. Even his lyrics are refreshingly abstract ("I can't love you when you look so smooth, like the moon in the daylight"), making the effort all that more nuanced and organic." - Consequence of Sound

The latest in a string of positive endorsements for Love You In The Dark, this past Friday (7/19) Sombear's single "Incredibly Still" earned its first spin on the world famous KROQ in Los Angeles, debuting with DJ Kat Corbette at "Kat's box Song Of The Day" and introduced by Trans- Records founder and Death Cab For Cutie guitarist/producer Chris Walla.

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Sombear, aka Brad Hale, isn't a namesake many are familiar with, but chances are you may have come across his artistic work. Be it through merchandise designed for fellow Midwestern musician Bon Iver, or his remixing of tracks for well known artists including Tegan & Sara and Antwon (hear the "Dark Denim" remix on Fader). Not to mention his roll as 1/3rd of the trio Now, Now, a band who in the last year on the strength of their breakout sophomore album toured the country with fun. and performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Hale found his way through the awkward teenaged years in the late 90s and early 00s with a love of dance pop and house music, but at the time kept his obsessions to himself. Sombear and Love You In The Dark is a way of reliving that youthful spirit without the confinement of hallways soaked in testosterone, as well as Hale's cautious attempt at exploring and reassembling who he is.

Bob Zerull
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