SoCal Punk-Rockers Amplify Single “Sabrina (Little Angel)” with New Music Video.

Epic hooks and bone-rattling rock beats dominate the infectious sound of Los Angeles punk-rock band, Harmful If Swallowed. Recently, the band released their EP, Allergy, which has caught the attention of music's heavy hitters with their single "Sabrina (Little Angel)" teetering between the number one and two spot on KROQ's Locals Only Playlist, week after week. The electrifying, four-man band just dropped their new music video for the single now on YouTube. The release of their EP and their hit single has catapulted the band, as they have since been gracing the pages of numerous publications and airwaves. Receiving national exposure, their music has been featured on numerous MTV shows. They have performed for thousands, co-headlining concerts with some of the industry's most popular punk bands. With their fan base on the up and up, it is only a matter of time before the world is bopping to their beat.

Bursting with energy, Harmful If Swallowed dons an authentic sound that infuses classic punk-rock with a pleasant modern spin. Their current single "Sabrina (Little Angel)" comes off the band's current EP Allergy, which came together with the assistance of Chris Rackstraw and Grammy Award winner, Matt Hyde. The song is about an unborn child and the issues that women face in pregnancy. The lyrics are metaphorical and compare that to the love for an innocent child and being there, whenever she falls.  Colored by refined harmonies and soaring vocals, the track is sweet to the ears with rapid guitar riffs and crashing drums and cymbals. Starting off the video, the band performs in a dark warehouse, eventually reaching the light and rocking out on a hill with a scenic overlook of the city. Meanwhile, scenes of an adorable little girl being playful are shown throughout the video, as it interweaves between a memory and reality, finally meeting at the end. Shot with exceptional quality, the music video was directed by Harmful if Swallowed's very own, Carlos Nieto III and shot on the beautiful landscapes of Los Angeles.

Harmful if Swallowed's founding members included front man, vocalist and guitarist Greg Martin and his brother Josh Loren (drums). The band's current lineup consists of the brothers, together with Carlos Nieto III (bass, backing vocals) and newest addition Brian Martinez (rhythm guitar). After appreciating their instantaneous chemistry, the men embarked on a musical adventure that would change the course of their lives. Their debut album Server, released in 2006, stirred up some excitement and gained critical acclaim gaining features on MTV shows and winning the support of radio DJs such as the world-famous KROQ DJ, Kat Corbett. The album opened doors for the band to perform at concerts with international rock stars such as Bad Religion, Green Day, Weezer, FEAR and KoRn, among others. The band's follow up album The Chronicles of Losing was released in 2009 to another raving reception. Prepared to top their previous success, Harmful if Swallowed released their EP, Allergy in 2013 that includes their best work to date.

Becoming a favorite amongst rock fans in the Entertainment City, Harmful If Swallowed is developing a strong team of faithful listeners. As they steadily deliver hit after hit, the band continues to evolve and expand their musical territory. Be sure to download their new EP Allergy on iTunes and catch their new music video for "Sabrina (Little Angel)" on YouTube. Catch all the fresh news on the band at
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