Music Review: Doyle’s ‘Abominator’ Combines Misfits, Pantera and Black Sabbath In Debut Album.

Former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s new album, “Abominator,” under the band name, Doyle, brings horror punk fans back to the days when Misfits ruled the world.

The nice thing about this album is it not only draws from each incarnation of the band - mixing a hybrid sound that involved the eras of Misfits’ founder, Glenn Danzig, and the nineties era group which featured Doyle and his brother/original member, Jerry Only – but also includes a modern day sound that pays tributes to legendary metal acts like Pantera, Black Sabbath and, of course, Glenn Danzig’s post punk venture, Danzig.

“Abominator” is filled with songs that include haunting guitar riffs, head banging drumbeats and lyrics involving murder, dreaming of dead girls and cemetery sex, all of which contribute to this great debut album. Doyle, himself, engineered the music while Alex Story (Cancerslug) penned the lyrics.

Notable songs are the lead song, “Abominator;” “Dreaming Dead Girls,” which lyrics ask and answer the question, “What do the dead dream, after they die? I dream of dead girls, every night….” “The dream of dead girls is always on my mind;” and “Land of the Dead,” which offers the closest thing to the Misfits’ sound.

The overall result is a solid effort from one of the anarchists of horror punk music.


1.) Abominator
2.) Learn to Bleed
3.) Dreaming Dead Girls
4.) Headhunter
5.) Valley of Shadows
6.) Land of the Dead
7.) Cemeterysexxx
8.) Love like Murder
9.) Mark of the Beast
10.) Bloodstains
11.) Hope Hell is Warm

Fans can catch a Misfits reunion with Doyle opening for Danzig for its 25th anniversary tour. Doyle’s “Abominator” is out now digitally, with physical albums dropping October 2013.


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