MONUMENTS reveal new vocalist Chris Barretto.

UK tech metal band MONUMENTS have officially announced their new singer. Please welcome Chris Barretto to the band. After leaving Periphery, Barretto performed with The Haarp Machine and did saxophone on TESSERACT's current album "Altered State". He already passed his fire test on a tiny stage during a secret show on June 27 as well as on a massive one during Ghostfest this past weekend.

Chris Barretto said this on joining MONUMENTS: "Greetings everyone! It's an honour to be joining the MONUMENTS team and Century Media family. I have a great love for the music that these guys create and I'm very much looking forward to being a part of that creative process. As I'm sure you all know, MONUMENTS has had a rich history long before my being here and that is something that I don't want to step on and intend to honour to the best of my abilities. Now that I am here, I invite all of you to come on a musical journey into the future with us, the new generation of MONUMENTS. Hope to see you all at the upcoming gigs!"

Catch MONUMENTS at one of the following shows and meet Chris:

11.07.2013 (UK) Peterborough - Techfest
12.09.2013 (RU) Moscow - Moscow Hall
13.09.2013 (RU) St. Petersburg - Arktika

To get the latest MONUMENTS news, be sure to download the band's new iPhone/Android app here:

Reviews of MONUMENTS' debut album 'Gnosis'

"Put simply: it's prog metal without indulgence." (Kerrang!, UK)

"Taken as a whole this is a mightily impressive piece of work [...]." (Terrorizer, UK)

"[....] they could blossom into something special." (Metal Hammer, UK)

"'Gnosis' catapults MONUMENTS straight to the Upper House of the genre." (Metal Hammer, D)

"MONUMENTS are putting themselves forward for one of the higher ranks among the spear heads of the current djent scene with their strong, challenging yet fluent debut album." (Legacy, D)

"MONUMENTS are walking the fine line between genius and madness [...]." (Fuze, D)
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