Josh Blue’s (@JoshBlueComedy) ‘Sticky Change.’ – Comedy Review

Josh Blue is a comedian who almost immediately discusses his disability in his new special, “Sticky Change.” He starts off stating that he was born in West Africa, a country that doesn’t have good medical services today, much less 32 years ago.

He then refers to himself as an African-American and goes into a bit about being pulled over for being African-American, or just driving on the wrong side of the road. Much of his introduction revolves around being an African-American with a physical disability, to which he says, “I look good on paper.” It’s either that or homeless, asking the crowd if they have change.

Those who know about Josh Blue realize he has cerebral palsy, something he’s highlighted ever since winning the fourth season “Last Comic Standing” and in his previous special, 2005’s “Good Josh, Bad Arm.” I interviewed Blue in 2009 and asked about his disability. “Well, let’s just face it. There’s no denying that I have Cerebral Palsy and if I think that they’re not looking at that then I’m a fool. But I think it gives permission to look and get a good eyeful. I definitely have to address it.” (Read the complete interview here:

After the introduction, “Sticky Change” covers all aspects of Blue’s life, including his Japanese wife who doesn’t understand everything he says, to which the comedian thought he was bidding on an Oriental rug on eBay which eventually became his wife. Right away, his wife said he had to remove his shoes because his household was now an Asian one.  

From having their second child - a daughter, a little fat ass who looks like a ham, to their 3-year-old boy who is funny and cute but also a dick, Blue delivers a solid act which is a great follow up to his 2005 gem. Another funny bit is about him being in a mall and seeing another man with cerebral palsy. They walk toward each other and someone says, “You’re an asshole for making fun of that guy.” Blue replies, “I was just looking for a Chimichanga. The funny thing is I saw the guy ahead of me and thought, ‘Is that guy making fun of me?’”

Fans of stand-up comedy in general will love Blue’s new special. His self-deprecating humor gives fans the OK to laugh.


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