Dance/Pop Singer Orisha Sound Kicks Summer off with Cupid Album.

Dance diva Orisha Sound is back to administer a full dosage of her rhythmic remedy for the summer, with the release her full-length album Cupid, now available on iTunes. Appropriately named, Cupid sees Orisha's voice carry alluring lyrics along a liquid flow of reggae inspired instrumentals and infectious dance numbers.  With an ample selection of hot-under-the-collar content mixed with feel-good vibes, Orisha steams in her most flawless studio album yet. Her continuously expanding fan base, of more than 12,000 fans on Facebook will agree that this blonde bombshell is truly more than what meets the eye.

Simply put, the lovechild of pop, electro, dance and reggae, Orisha's Cupid album stuns. Filled with ground-shaking bass lines, stadium synths and spine-tingling vocals, the singer's latest body of art is sizzling hot, yet her story-telling lyrical style easily transports listeners. Orisha's leading single "Beautiful Sin" was released earlier this year with her reggae remix making huge waves in the US and overseas. The pulse-racing music video for the single was as much of a fan favorite as the song and nabbed features on a plethora of music blogs and web sites. The artist's follow-up single "Make Me Moan" is a smooth, cool groove packed with attitude and spunk like the singer herself.  Without effort, the fire cracker glides over the beat with dynamic harmonies and catchy hooks throughout the album. Each song flows into the other, but gives the listener a different side of the singer, from her guarded to more vulnerable states. Orisha creates a clever mix of genres and injects her own creative magic on her album Cupid. "This [album] took almost two years. It is a love child who for real almost got me killed in a process. I called it Cupid. Be safe and dream big and wild," Orisha explains about the process of making her new album.

Shining with a glow of musical splendor, Orisha is a singer-songwriter of Slavic, Scandinavian and Brazilian descent, whose uniquely blended music cannot be boxed into one genre. Her originality is something she has tailored since a small child. By the age of four years old, Orisha was playing the violin, the piano and singing. The little multi-instrumentalist was a star among her peers and was considered a child prodigy, touring and performing in Europe and the United States with other musical protégés. The young talent had a tunnel vision of her path and how she would pursue her career and she has been able to achieve huge accomplishments. She has performed in the studio and on stage with industry heavy-hitters such as Stevie Wonder, Stanley Clarke, Anthony Hamilton, Devante Swing, Flo Rida, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Sizzla, Sly & Robbie, Jae Deal, and many others. Orisha has come a long way from her elementary days and has blossomed into a true artist, who is unafraid to be whatever she wants. Being that she grew up with worldly experiences, Orisha dwelled among a diverse range of cultures and soaked in all she could get. The sultry singer takes these stories and builds magnetic songs from her memory and delivers them in an enticing beat that places her honey-coated vocals on a pedestal. Now, the power-driven singer is part of the RBC Records team, which has been instrumental in the success of well-known artists such as rap icon E-40 and R&B crooner Rapael Saadiq. Orisha fits in seamlessly with any start-studded roster.

Exotic in sound and beauty, Orisha Sound is a force to be reckoned with. With two buzzing singles and a music video that has thousands hypnotized, Orisha Sound is on a roll and intends on leaving onlookers speechless.  Don't get left behind! Follow Orisha Sound's moves at
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