Veteran St. Louis metallers Conquest have just released their new album The War We Rage via Dark Star Records.  Produced by frontman, Derrick Brumley and engineered by Adam Long, The War We Rage is Conquest's fifth full length album and seventh release overall.

Picking up where their previous effort, 'End of Days,' left off, The War We Rage includes a blistering cover of The Charlie Daniels Band classic "Long Haired Country Boy," and is a slamming 13 song tutorial in melody, power and pure metal mayhem. "We chose "Long Haired Country Boy" as a cover because we used to play it back in the day and it was a lot of fun," says Conquest frontman Derrick Brumley. "It was much lighter back then but we thought it would be cool to kick it in the ass and re-do the track. It's a damn good time live!"

Recorded at The Metal Factory in St. Louis, MO, The War We Rage shows a marked maturity in Brumley's writing style. "Nothing's really changed all that much, we're just writing better songs is all, "tells Derrick, "I like thrash and power metal and just good rock and roll that's really how I write.  We all stepped our game up a bit.  We always try to top what we did on our last disc, ya know?"

Conquest will support The War We Rage with select dates around the Midwestern United States.

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