CARO to Release Second Full Length Album on July 17, 2013, Entitled ‘Letchworth Village.’

Danish thrashers CARO are pleased to announce the release of their new album, Letchworth Village, set to hit stores on July 17, 2013. Letchworth Village marks the second full-length for CARO, and although they stick to their roots on this release, CARO manages to capture a tornado in a bottle.

Fast riffs, screaming solos and guttural vocals that some describe as a cross between Barney from Napalm Death and Randy from Lamb of God, CARO's hard old school thrash is nonstop aggression. Letchworth Village captures the high intensity gritty and energetic live performance of the band and captures it in the studio. The bands aggression can be heard in every track you listen to.

CARO has already streamed a Letchworth Village album cut on YouTube, entitled 'Blacklisted', and the fans are loving it! Also, a lyric video for Letchworth Village was released on July 1st via the bands Mobile app, Facebook app and Publishers YouTube page. Click the embedded links to view the media!

CARO is a thrash band from Frederikshavn, Denmark. The band was formed in 2007 under the name OMEN, but changed to CARO in 2011. The band is inspired by different bands and playing a mix of thrash, death and progressive metal. To date the band has toured extensively in Denmark and Europe as well as played numerous festivals both in and out of their home country. CARO is a touring band and looks forward to playing in your town soon.
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