AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK recently fulfilled their contractual obligations to their label and decided to take it DIY and partner with Indiegogo to crowd fund their next record. This will be the group's third studio album and they are seeking $50,000 for the effort. The band states, "With the evolution of the music industry, it's becoming more and more difficult for money to find its way to the artist from a record label. With a platform like Indiegogo, we can eliminate the money filter middle man and connect with the fans directly. They are the most consistent part of this bands history and the only reason why we're around."
The group is scheduled to return to Castle Ultimate studios where they recorded their first album, ALLEGIANCE, in September with a planned winter release. The band states, "We're really excited to work with Zack Ohren again!  This is some of the best material we have ever written and collaborating with Zack will bring out that raw, aggressive vibe we got out of ALLEGIANCE. We managed to combine elements from both ALLEGIANCE and INSTINCT at the same time add mature colors we never have before.  We're also thinking of remaking an old song from our early demo days."  
Indiegogo allows fans to connect with artist in fresh unique ways like never before.  Campaigners who contribute $25 or more can participate on voting on an album title, view live progress of the album art, listen to snippets of new songs, receive a single before the public, and more... all while having the ability to comment and leave live feedback along the way.  
The band further comments, "Regardless if we hit our goal or not, we are still putting out a new record. This might be our last one so why not have some fun and invite the fans to be a part of it?  This campaign will tell us a lot about our band and where we go from here.  We are risking it all and putting the band's future in the hands of our fans and are ready to accept our fate...Good or Bad."  
Find the campaign here:
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