Old Time Machine (Ryan McNally, Kyle Cashen) has partnered up with American Songwriter to premiere the video for their new single, "All The While."  The band released the track, along with a new version of "Where The Hell We Are" from their self-titled debut, on May 28 via all digital retailers with plans to make vinyl later this summer.  Old Time Machine put together a master team together to create the video - Brianne Bremner (director), Gary Bremner (Director of Photography) and Joseph Tisiga (Art Direction).

The video was a collaborative effort and began with the idea of creating vignettes based on the lyrics of the song.  Lead singer, Ryan McNally wrote the song about a close friend who passed away a few years ago.  The creative team decided to represent part of the lyrics and the personality of their friend through a bunch of various characters.  While discussing the process, Gary Bremner said, "Our friend who passed was the kind of guy who was friends with everyone.  He was a nomad, a musician, an artist, a humanitarian, etc. We wanted to represent that selection of weird characters in strange scenarios. We based it off late 1800's ethnographic photography, taking inspiration from the portrait sessions of Edward Curtis."  The band was on tour in the States while they created the video in Whitehorse.  When they saw the final cut, "we were awestruck and overwhelmed," according to Kyle.  He goes on, "They captured the way we feel about the song and its lyrics perfectly. It was so dope to see friends and family come together and play those characters so well."

Old Time Machine recently wrapped up their first ever U.S. tour in July.  They made their way through the east coast hitting Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York, Boston and more.  They wrapped in Rochester on June 29 and headed over to Daytrotter for a killer session on July 2 before returning to Canada. 

Old Time Machine released their full-length debut in October of 2012.  Produced and engineered by Jordy Walker, the album premiered on AOL Spinner week of release and has been covered by numerous outlets including Relix, Music Connection, Wall Street Journal, Artist Direct, RCRD LBL and more.  Popmatters gave the album 8 out of 10 stars.  Writer Steven Spoerl raves, "Old Time Machine is one of the most original debuts in years."  He describes them perfectly: "Ryan sings and plays kick drum, hi-hats, guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele. Kyle utilizes a drum machine, echo, pedal bass, floor tom, ride cymbal, snare and tambourine.  Both are a veritable one-man band who face each other on-stage and hold their own.  Together they make up Old Time Machine and have just released their self-titled debut album and it's brilliant."
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