Alt-rock Duo The GoAround Unveil Second Single, “I Ran.”

The GoAround, who are comprised of Pennsylvania brothers, seem to have it all figured out when it comes to music. With their new single "I Ran," The GoAround is ready to show the world what they are made of. Proving to be unstoppable, the duo is at it again after releasing their bluesy, rock debut album, Restating the Question. Infusing colorful melodies and soaring vocals with hard hitting rock beats, these young men are on their way to becoming a hot commodity on the music scene.

Influenced by the talents of Sir Paul McCartney, Bono and John Lennon, Alexander and Anthony Saddic, create a musical masterpiece in "I Ran." Carried by charged electric guitars and rolling drums, the song showcases the brothers' musical knowledge by incorporating short instrumental breaks. The chorus features sensational vocals that are only elevated by imaginative piano countermelodies and a rocking percussion groove. This radio-worthy track was mastered by Nathan Dantzler of The Hit Lab. The stellar production perfectly compliments the sensational duo and illuminates polished talent that only exceptional artists can portray.

The equally talented brothers saw the perfect opportunity to become an official band after multiple lineup changes allowed them to see that all they needed was each other; they were explosive together. Alexander and Anthony were born and raised in West Chester, PA, to parents who both shared a deeper connection with music. Their father owned a project studio in their home basement where he wrote and recorded pop, music while their mother enrolled them in piano lessons. As the pair matured, the two-some refined their skills and eventually procured additional instruments. The musical duo showcased their chops at local venues such as The Note, The Trocadero, The Fire and received local radio spins on Philadelphia's 104.5FM and Neumann Radio. Gaining a wave of popularity, The GoAround has received accolades from several music industry blogs, as well as a rave review from Music Connection Magazine.

Diverse in so many ways, Alexander and Anthony have what it takes to survive the competitive arena of music. The long-locked brothers are on to something legendary and their pure talent and drive is a testament to just how far they will go. "I Ran" is available on iTunes.

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