VINCENT CASTIGLIA Featured on the National Geographic Channel’s (NatGeo) “Taboo” – Airing Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 10:00pm ET.

World-renowned surrealist VINCENT CASTIGLIA is pleased to announce that the National Geographic Channel's (NatGeo) "Taboo" will be airing a special segment on Tuesday, June 18th at 10:00pm ET specifically dedicated to him, his artwork, and technique—including his process of blood collection and live painting. The special also includes interviews with several other acclaimed artists about Vincent's work. Check out a clip of the segment here:

"I'm honored to be profiled by National Geographic. Because my work is so intensely personal, I really couldn't have imagined it gaining popularity among such a broad audience," states VINCENT CASTIGLIA. "But, I believe it is because it's themes deal with so many universal aspects of human experience, in addition to the medium I work in being the common bond flowing through all of our veins, that the work becomes entirely accessible. Like a transfusion administered, the viewer shares in my life and can partake in my own experiences directly, through these organic 'windows to the psyche'."

Vincent continues, "My work is to me a kind of alchemy, of personal transformation via the creative process. It might sound far out, but my work directs and informs me, like an oracle. I bring the issues of life to each piece, and through the creative process, like the casting of bones or bamboo shoots, the elements are organized by chance as they would be, and a visual, physical point of contact then exists as a marker in the sand of my experience, pointing with soundness toward the next step. I'm not sure I could explain it much better than this. There's a very literal, vital exchange between myself and the work, which seems continuous, long after the work is painted, hung, and sold."

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