Solwave "I Won't Wait" Stream for Zoiks Online

San Francisco based rock group SOLWAVE, have just released a stream of their song "I Won't Wait." Earlier this year the band had the pleasure of working with Gordon Raphael, producer of The Strokes, as well as worked with Kings of Leon's mastering engineer, Richard Dodd.

While their average age is a mere 22, Joe Collins (keys/ vocals) and the Ferdon brothers (bass and guitar) have been writing songs together for nearly a decade, giving Solwave their biggest asset- a 100-song catalog and vast range. The band's experience playing together speaks to their genre-blending ability and prolific songwriting. When drummer Moise Seri joined in 2012, the band locked into the groove they were waiting for. Their influence from artists such as Muse, The Killers, and The Strokes also nurtures their not being afraid to explore different styles. However, Solwave digs much deeper into the groove than many of these well-known contemporary pop bands. Solwave brings an element of old school R&B and soul to their rock n' roll that is well beyond the range of most bands.

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