Sevendust, Lacuna Coil & Three Years Hollow Rock Waterloo Iowa’s Pepsico Pavillion

This was originally posted back in March of 2013

One of these days Sevendust is going to come to my home town in Moline Illinois so I can stop driving three hours to Chicago, Milwaukee, Des Moines and now Waterloo Iowa. I’ve seen Sevendust probably 4 or 5 times in the last three years and there are few bands worth spending 6 hours in the car (there and back) on four or five separate occasions for, but Sevendust is one of those bands. In my opinion they’ve never gotten the respect they deserve. Joining Sevendust on the list of bands that haven’t quite gotten the respect it deserves, at least in America, there’s Lacuna Coil. I had never seen Lacuna Coil so going into Waterloo I was excited to finally get a chance to see them with Sevendust. 

Three Years Hollow is a band from Geneseo IL, the town I grew up in. They tricked (joking) Sevendust’s Clint Lowery to heading out to Geneseo IL to write and record some music for their debut album (hasn’t come out yet). Three Years Hollow weren’t just the local boys opening for the big boys, they had just finished their first tour with Eye Empire and jumped on the tail end of the Sevendust/Lacuna Coil tour. Having seen Three Years Hollow when they were just a local band I can confidently say that they performed like they belong up there on that stage. Three Years Hollow’s fan base helped pack the place early.

Lacuna Coil is a truly original band. They were definitely playing to a Sevendust crowd. Playing before Sevendust definitely earned them some new fans from Iowa who might not have otherwise heard them. If you’ve never seen Lacuna Coil before, I highly recommend checking them out. Their use of two singers is genius. It allows their sound to expand further than that of most bands. I can now scratch seeing Lacuna Coil live off of my bucket list; hopefully I get to see them several more times.

What can you say about Sevendust? As awesome as Three Years Hollow and Lacuna Coil were as soon as Sevendust hit the stage you knew it was their crowd and their night. They opened with "Decay" and if I’m being honest, the couple times I had heard it on the radio I wasn’t digging it that much, but all of the sudden that changed. They played the shit out of that song and now when I hear that song it brings me back to the moment of hearing them knock it out live.

Sevendust is such a tight band that. They play every song they better live than on the recording. The way they interact and bounce off each other on stage is as good as it gets. There’s just something about seeing Sevendust in front of their crowd. I’ve seen them open for several bands and they usually blow the headliner off the stage, but when they’re in front of their crowd it’s something special.

Like with any great live band the worst part about the show was that it ended. They’ve built up such a catalogue over the years that they could play for hours, but obviously when you sing with the intensity of LJ and play at the energy levels of Morgan, Clint, John and Vinnie you can’t do three or four hour shows. The new album "Black Out the Sun" hasn’t dropped yet, but when it does I can’t wait to see them again. Hopefully they come closer, but I’ll make the three hour trip if I have to.

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