A Humble Workstation in Washington, D.C. - NPR Music doesn't take a road trip without tunes for the drive, even if it's just nine blocks down the street. A singular Tiny Desk Concert featuring the band OK Go presents the "moving" performance that transported All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's iconic workspace to the new NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C., marking an all-new phase for the popular series as it begins recording at 1111 North Capitol St. NE. The video is available at and through NPR Music mobile apps.

The project was conceived and produced as a collaboration between OK Go and NPR Music. See how it all went down (and went back up) as the power-pop group dubbed "the first post-internet band" performs a special version of its song "All Is Not Lost" with NPR-inspired lyrics. While playing, the guys traveled through two NPR buildings and the streets of the nation's capital.

"I'm not only an NPR junkie, but a former employee," said OK Go frontman Damian Kulash During the first years of the band, my day job was engineering at NPR's Chicago Bureau.  And, of course, our very first tour was as the backing band for This American Life's first live tour.  So public radio is in the DNA of the band, which means we were beyond thrilled when Tiny Desk asked if we'd collaborate on their most ambitious project to date."

The video's meticulously-constructed sequencing and effects are a first such effort from NPR Music, which has produced more than 275 performances for the series. In addition to the final cut, NPR Music is offering an index of the time, equipment and energy that went into creating the mini-documentary (number of cameras: 1; number of takes: 223). These special features are also at, and the truly devoted can visit the This is NPR blog for behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot as well as interviews with Kulash and the NPR Music team.

On Monday, June 10, Tiny Desk Concerts from the new location officially debut on NPR Music, setting the stage for all future performances at the celebrated venue. The series is also accessible on-the-go via the Tiny Desk Concert podcast - video or audio-only versions - in the iTunes store; and the NPR podcast directory. Ben & Jerry's is the exclusive sponsor of NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts.

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